I write words about stuff
& make images from other stuff.




Some stuff people have said about my stuff:

“I’m interested in the mystery of Yvonne’s work, where what is unsaid becomes more important in the end. Not to say that I don’t like what’s being said. I do, quite a lot.”

Meredith Luby

“It is so wonderful to follow [Yvonne’s work] – wandering through her particular head for a while, opening doors, every room unmistakably her room but also a room that feels so familiar to me. Hanging out & feeling human there.”

Alina Pleskova (author of  What Urge Will Save Us; co-editor of bedfellows)

“Pure, gritty magic.”

Ani King (The Bitten Lip; editor in chief of Syntax & Salt)

“Makes sense. If I found a piece called The First Last Mermaid Porn Queen, I would think…I bet Yvonne wrote that.”

Garron Chiu (Comedy Central Asia)